Customizations and Configurations

This guide contains instructions to:

Change Credentials

Customization Description
Automatically unlock your LUKs-encrypted drive Do away with the encrypted drive passphrase when you start up your Dradis Pro instance.
Change your LUKs-encrypted drive's passphrase Change the encrypted drive passphrase required when you start up your Dradis Pro instance.
Change default CIC password If you want to change the default credentials, this is how you do it.

Customize your instance

Customization Description
Set up SSL certificates so that upgrades won't override them Set up SSL certificates on your Dradis Pro instance so that upgrades won't override them.
SSL certificates with Let's Encrypt SSL certificates on your Dradis Pro instance with Let's Encrypt.
Increase the number of unicorn threads Increase the number of unicorn threads to allow your instance to process more concurrent incoming requests.
Increase the number of export worker processes Increase the number of report-generating resque worker processes to export reports even quicker than before.
Set maximum login attempts To prevent brute-force attacks, by default each user has 3 login attempts before their account is locked.
Increase session timeout period By default it's 15 minutes, but you can adjust it.
Usage analytics sharing Opt in or out of sharing the anonymized usage analytics from the Event Log with us.

Configure extensions

Customization Description
Configure the Burp-Dradis Extension Send issues directly from Burp's Scanner into your Dradis project using the REST API.
Connecting Dradis to MediaWiki Connect your Dradis Professional appliance to a MediaWiki instance, structure your content, query and import entries from your wiki.

Reminder: local changes will be overwritten the next time you upgrade. If you make any local changes, make sure to re-apply them every time you upgrade Dradis.

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