Integrated Ticketing System

Close the gap between identification and remediation with Remedation Tracker

All in one place

Keeping remediation tasks with the findings makes it easier and faster to resolve vulnerabilities without wasting time hunting down particulars. Tickets in Remediation Tracker are linked to Dradis issues to provide clarity and details for the assignee addressing the item.

Screenshot of linked Dradis issues in a ticket

Goodbye spreadsheets

Spreadsheets aren't designed to manage and track complex remediation tasks across multiple users. It's easy to overwrite and overlook entries, leading to inaccurate data with little accountability.

Screenshot of manual ticket entry

Fit your workflow

Assign tickets to others on the testing team or a collaborative user when paired with Gateway. Customize the categories and state names to meet your team's unique needs. Need to sync with Jira, Azure DevOps, or ServiceNow? It can do that too.

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Remediate findings faster

Eliminate overlooked or overdue remediation tasks and stay up to date with an at-a-glance dashboard. View all of the existing tickets to see if everything is on track to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Screenshot of the Remediation Tracker Dashboard

Work together

Built for collaboration, address security findings across systems, teams, and organizations. Assign tickets directly to the system owners or customers to remediate issues.

Screenshot of adding a ticket assigned in Remediation Tracker

Stay in the zone

Create and assign tickets directly from your detail-rich findings within Dradis or add them from the Remediation Tracker dashboard directly. Stopping your work to enter remediation tasks manually in another tool is time lost.

Screenshot of sending a ticket to Remediation Tracker
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