Collaboration and Reporting for InfoSec Teams Made Simple.

Dradis cuts overhead from security assessment projects. Combine the output of different scanners, add your manual findings, centralize work across the team, and generate a report with one click.


How Dradis Compares

Are you spending too much time reporting? There's a better way.

Dradis Professional

More time testing, less time reporting.

  • The same reports, in a fraction of the time
  • Standard issue descriptions you can reuse
  • Combine output from multiple tools easily
  • The entire team knows how the project is going
  • Integrated testing methodologies that you can easily access and use
  • Work better, together

Manual Process

Copy & paste from old reports, stepping into each other's toes, and too many emails.

  • Spend way too much time reporting
  • Search old reports, copy & paste, make mistakes
  • Combining output is possible, but time consuming
  • Nobody knows what anyone else is doing
  • Methodologies exist (somewhere — but nobody uses them)
  • Mess, endless emails, duplication...

Why Dradis?

Less Time Reporting and More Time Testing

100% custom reports in a fraction of the time.

Import findings from over 20 popular pentesting and security tools and present your findings in a number of formats including Word, Excel, HTML, CSV, XML, realtime results portal or a custom format.

See screenshots Go From Findings to Finished Faster
Screenshot showing generated reports in Word and Excel

Deliver Consistent Quality

Use multiple methodologies for different stages of a project, keep track of all your tasks and deliver consistent results across your organization without fail.

Quality Assessment Deliverables
Screenshot showing a testing methodology board with tasks in different phases assigned to different team members

Smarter Security Project Collaboration

Working together is easier when security project data, tool outputs, scope, results, screenshots and notes are centralized. Track changes, leave feedback and push updated findings to keep everyone on the same page.

Improve Team Collaboration
Screenshot of Dradis' Project Summary page showing Issues, Team, and Methodology progress

Work With Your Favorite Tools

No need to learn any new technologies - combine the output from your favorite security tools - like Nessus, Burp, Nmap and more to create custom reports using our simple yet powerful templates we help you build to create reports in just a few minutes - not days.

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Dynamic and Interactive Assessment Results Portal

Overcome the limitations of static security reports using Dradis Gateway. Share the results of security assessments in real-time. Empower system owners with the details they need to close the gap between vulnerability identification and mitigation.

Streamline Security Assessment Delivery
Dradis Gateway portal contributor dashboard showing list of security assessment results and option for remediation tracking

You’re In Good Company

Trusted by over 441 InfoSec teams in 44 countries. Dradis has been making your day easier since 2007.

How Much Will You Save?

ROI calculator: Tell us about your business.

We've got people in the team, each of us is involved in about projects per month on average, and our average rate is around $ USD.

If we could save hours per report. How much money will using Dradis Pro save us?

If you saved 2 hours per report, or $200 at your current rate, times 3 projects a month: you'll save $600 per person each month, that's $3,000 for the 5 of you every month.

Just to be clear, the investment required for Dradis Pro is $79 per person (or $474 for the team). If the tool saves you $600, the first $474 go towards paying for itself and the remaining $521 are pure savings, every month. That's $6,252 per year that you're leaving on the table.

There are lots of things you can do with $6,252:

  • Invest more time testing to get more results and add more value to your clients.
  • Use that time to wrap up the project and update your testing methodologies.
  • Use that time to find new clients.
  • Pass the savings to your clients and become more competitive.
  • Don't tell anyone and just pocket the savings.

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Trusted by 1,000s of InfoSec Professionals around the world for over 10 years,
Dradis was created to reduce the manual work of security assessments.

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Learn practical tips to reduce the overhead that drags down security assessment delivery with this 5-day course. These proven, innovative, and straightforward techniques will optimize all areas of your next engagement including:

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