Supercharged Security Project Scheduling

Manage all your projects from one place and deliver them on time

Smarter Planning

Plan security assessments and monitor team progress all in one place from Dradis Pro. Project Scheduler shows team availability and project timelines to create smarter plans for you and your team. Admins can easily update timelines as resources change.

Screenshot of the editing a project schedule

Dynamic Calendar

Gain an outlook of project deadlines and timing with the monthly view. Assign start and end dates to each project. Color-coded projects give you a quick visual of upcoming commitments. The team, project name, and timeframe update in real-time.

Screenshot of the calendar updating

Stay Ahead of Deadlines

Role-specific access permissions show only the projects you are assigned or administrating on the calendar. The monthly view gives visibility to your workload, making it easier for you and testers to keep your eye on the finish line.

Screenshot of the project table with start and end dates

Centralized Collaboration

Everyone on the team knows the project goal and has everything they need at their fingertips. With Dradis, you have all project methodologies, tasks, communications, and findings in one place easily accessible from the schedule.

Screenshot of the scheduler link on the project dashboard

Prioritize Projects

Know which project needs your attention now and get started without leaving Dradis. Jump directly into the project from the calendar view to get to work on the tasks that need your attention next.

Screenshot of moving from the calendar to the linked project
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