AWS Deployment

We now have an AMI that you can use to deploy Dradis directly in AWS. No more manual converting of the OVA! The AMI is simply an AWS version of our VM image - nothing else has changed about Dradis in this AMI, except that the image's disk is not LUKS-encrypted, due to the cloud image creation process.

Interested in deploying Dradis in AWS? Please reach out to our support team and we'll get you set up.

Before we can share the AMI with you we just need to know the AWS ID of the account to share it to. If you need help figuring out yours, simply follow the official AWS guide.

We'll share the AMI with your account so that you can launch an instance using the image. Copy the AMI to your given Availability Zone and deploy the instance using normal AWS procedures.

The officially supported platforms for running Dradis Professional are VirtualBox and VMware as described in the FAQ. If you deploy your Dradis Pro appliance on AWS (or any other unsupported platform), we may not be able to help you.

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