Nmap with Dradis

Network discovery and security scans

  • Upload Nmap XML to create nodes and node details in a Dradis project
  • Combine Nmap results with results from other testing tools and automatically discard, group, and update findings
  • Centralized security engagement info and findings make it simple to collaborate across teams to keep everyone up-to-date
  • Generate high-quality, customized vulnerability or pentest reports that include Nmap findings without hours of manual work

Nmap is a network discovery and security auditing utility. Use Nmap to scan networks of all sizes to determine what hosts are available, services offered, os and versions, and dozens of other characteristics. Import Nmap files as nodes/hosts into Dradis to create detailed network maps filled with critical details and structure your security assessment.

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Just completed my first fully Dradis generated report. It looks fantastic and worked really well. Reporting is going to be much faster now!
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- Mark Wityszyn

Technical Director at RM Information Security Limited

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