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Erik Cabetas, Managing Director, Include Security

"Creating reports with Dradis Pro saves us up to 4 hours per project compared to using Word manually."

Case Study: see the real results Include is getting in this short case study .

Allen Harper, Executive Vice President, Tangible Security

Dradis Pro is a game changer. We use it regularly to track our assessments and gather artifacts for the reports. Before, we had spreadsheets, lots of emails and lots of wasted time. Now, we seamlessly integrate team members, often working remotely, and have gained in efficiency and profitability.”

Mike McLaughlin, Cyber Security Operations Manager, First Base Technologies

“Dradis Pro saves us 1-2 hours per report, as well as reducing our review and QA time.”

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Lewis Warner, Technical Lead, Unipart Cyber Security

Dradis saves us a massive amount of time on reporting, and it ensures that our quality standards are met every time. I'd say we probably save at least a day, maybe two days worth of effort on reporting per project.

Case Study: see the real results Include is getting in this short case study .

Robin Wood, Freelance security auditor and developer

“Dradis Pro supports multiple projects and comes with the best professional support. It was a no-brainer to get the subscription.”

Ken Johnson, Former Manager of Application Security, LivingSocial

“Our team operates within the confines of an Agile development software company where speed is key. Leveraging Dradis Pro and Vuln HQ in tandem allows us to spend less time worrying about standard templates & verbiage and more time analyzing or delivering findings.”

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Marc Wickenden, Principal Security Consultant, 4ARMED

Dradis Pro keeps getting better and better. It's at the core of our quality management for every penetration test we do. From pre-test checklists to testing methodology through to generation of the final report it ensures we consistently maintain our high standards across engagements, which is great for us and great for our clients.

Henk-Jan Angerman, Security Consultant, Secwatch

“In our rather complex report, we do things differently, adding a challenge. But the challenge was accepted and it works out great. Today, 90% of our reporting process has been automated.”

Rory McCune, Director, ScotSTS

“We've been using Dradis Pro for over a three years now and it's really helped us speed up our testing and ensure that we're providing a consistent service to our customers. One of the best things is that it's a developing platform and great new features come along all the time.“

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Dradis Professional User

“The thing that made Dradis almost a no brainer for me is that if it saves me five hours a year, it's worth it. That's the bar that Dradis needed to hit. You need to save me five hours of work per year and it's paid for itself.”

Case Study: see the real results Include is getting in this short case study .

Mark Wityszyn, Technical Director, RM Information Security Limited

“Just completed my first fully Dradis generated report. It looks fantastic and worked really well. Reporting is going to be much faster now!

Russell Butturini, Security Architect of a global healthcare company

Dradis Pro is saving us 2 hours per RFP. By having all documented in one place we're also saving another 2 hours per week on remediation tracking... no more having to dig through emails looking for 'did you fix that?'

Cameron Grable, Senior Security Engineer, Dark Cubed

You have been wonderful to work with and it's rare to see this kind of service nowadays, especially with anything tech.

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