Nikto with Dradis

Find web server security issues

  • Upload Nikto XML to create issues, evidence, and notes in a Dradis project
  • Combine Nikto results with results from other testing tools and automatically discard, group, and update issues
  • Centralized security engagement info and findings make it simple to collaborate across teams to keep everyone up-to-date
  • Generate high-quality, customized vulnerability or pen test reports that include Nikto findings without hours of manual work

Using the Nikto integration in Dradis, you'll save time and reduce the manual overhead that typically comes with writing a security report. Combine and verify Nikto's findings when they are available in Dradis alongside other popular security tools to provide a thorough security assessment report.

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We've been using Dradis Pro for over a three years now and it's really helped us speed up our testing and ensure that we're providing a consistent service to our customers. One of the best things is that it's a developing platform and great new features come along all the time.
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- Rory McCune

Director at ScotSTS

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