These are the most significant changes in every Dradis release.

v3.0.0 (Feb 2015)

Coming soon...

v2.9.0 (1st of Feb 2012)

New plugins Updated plugins
  • Nessus upload plugin is orders of magnitude faster
  • Nikto upload plugin is orders of magnitude faster
  • Nmap upload plugin is orders of magnitude faster
  • VulnDB import plugin (to support VulnDB HQ integration)
  • Updated First Time User's Wizard
  • Updated to Rails 3.2

v2.8.0 (10th of Oct 2011)

  • Cleaner three-column layout
  • Smarter Ajax polling and auto-updating
  • New version of the Nmap upload plugin
  • New version of the Nessus upload plugin
  • ./ now checks that libxml2 is installed
  • Bugs fixed: #17, #31, #37, #43, #48

v2.7.2 (1st of Aug 2011)

  • Improved startup scripts
  • Bugs fixed: #5, #9, #13, #14, #15, #16, #19, #20
  • Update Rails to 3.0.9

v2.7.1 (24th of May 2011)

server component:

  • Improved note editor: more space, less Ajax
  • Bugs fixed: #3, #4, #6, #7, #8, #10

v2.7 (19th of April 2011)

server component:

  • Improved command line API with Thor (thor -T to view all commands)
  • New Configuration Manager
  • New Upload Manager
  • New plugins:
  • Updated plugins:
    • Nessus plugin supports .nessus v2
    • Vuln::DB import updated to support the latest release
  • Bugs fixed: #2888332, #2973256
  • Update Rails to 3.0.6

v2.6.1 (11th of February 2011)

server component:

  • Fixed a 'back slash' vs 'forward slash' issue in
  • Smarten up to find the Bundler binary
  • Deal with Burp Scanner's opinionated handling of null bytes
  • SSL certificate updated for 2011 / 2012
  • Updated libraries RedCloth 4.2.6 and Rails 3.0.4

v2.6 (2nd of December 2010)

server component:

  • New first-time repository content
  • Upgraded libraries: ExtJS 3.3, Rails 3.0.3
  • Improved performance through asset caching
  • Bugs fixed: #3021312, #3030629, #3076709

v2.5.2 (18th of May 2010)

server component:

v2.5.1 (7th of March 2010)

server component:

  • Various improvements in the NotesBrowser
  • Upgraded library: ExtJS 3.1.1
  • Bugs fixed: #2964273, #2932569, #2963253

v2.5.0 (5th of February 2010)

  • Improved Note editor: bigger, easier to use and supports formatting!
  • New First Time User Wizard
  • Keep track of all the activity with the built-in RSS feed
  • Plugin improvements
    • New HTML Export reporting plugin.
    • New Burp Upload plugin so you can use Burp Scanner output.
    • New Nikto Upload plugin to use your Nikto scan results.
  • Upgraded libraries: ExtJS 3.0, Rails 2.3.5
  • Bugs fixed: #2936554, #2938593.

v2.4.1 (31st of October 2009)

server component:

  • Bugs fixed: #2881746, #2888245, #2889402.

client component:

  • Bugs fixed: #2888411.

v2.4 (10th of September 2009)

server component:

  • Plugin improvements
  • Upload plugins. Better progress feedback. Improved error condition checking.
  • Note drag'n'drop.
  • New handy Rake tasks:
    • dradis:reset: When you are done with your project, use this task to start over. It clears the database and removes the uploaded files.
    • dradis:backup: If you want to create a backup of your current project, this is the right task for it.

client component:

  • Bugs fixed: #2848909.

v2.3 (5th of August 2009)

server component:

  • upload plugins. A new server plugin category: import into Dradis the contents of any file (nmap, nessus, etc.).
  • refactor the WordExport plugin:
    • create templates using Word only
    • convert any document into a Dradis template in < 10 minutes
  • project management plugin update:
    • create project templates for future re-use (read methodologies)
    • export project in .zip format (DB + attachments)
    • import projects/templates
    • checkout / commit project revisions from and to the meta-server
  • enhanced nodes tree: filtering and quick actions buttons

client component:

  • new import extensions: Nessus and Qualys

Introducing the Meta-Server (beta) component:

  • for multi-project management
  • download the Meta-Server as a separate package from:

v2.2 (11th of June 2009)

server component:

  • add attachments to nodes
  • add 'refresh' buttons to the tree and the notes list
  • force 'webrick' even if mongrel is installed (no SSL support in mongrel)
  • centralise the framework version information.
  • autoExpandColumn now works on IE
  • Rails runs in "production" mode

client component:

  • Dradis can be used with wxRuby 2.0.0
  • better error handling for REST web service communication errors
  • easier REST credentials configuration in ./conf/dradis.xml

v2.1.1 (17th of April 2009)

  • the version string was not properly updated across the different modules.

v2.1 (16th of April 2009)

server component:

  • import/export plugin architecture
  • import/export plugin generators
  • sample WordXML export plugin
  • sample WikiMedia import plugin

client component:

  • import extention allows nmap output imports
  • import note from plain text file
  • more powerful add extension: add a note from the console

Dradis v2.0.1 (23rd of February 2009)

  • smart command line parsing. The console client accepts multi-word parameters using quotes
  • *add* extension allows adding nodes and categories
  • add parameter description support to the extensions
  • close bug 2572271: ruby 1.8.7 compatibility fix for wxWidgets interface
  • first security patch
  • minor bug fixes

Dradis v2.0 (29th of January 2009)

server component:

  • Forget Hosts, Services and Protocols. Embrace the freedom of Nodes.
  • Forget SOAP, embrace REST
  • Powered by Rails 2.0 and ExtJS 2.2 (
  • Now with security! (SSL transport and user authentication)

client component:

  • adapt the wxWidgets client to the new node-note structure of the server.
  • forget SOAP, embrace REST web services to talk to the server.
  • refactor of the *modules* component, now *extensions*.
  • john's string encoding extension is built-in the Dradis client.
  • the first building blocks of the service-oriented multiverse architecture have been laid out.

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