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Dradis v4.8.0 has a Quality Assurance feature to approve Issues and Content Blocks before reporting

New in Dradis Pro v4.8

Dradis Framework is a collaboration and reporting tool for information security teams to manage and deliver the results of security assessments, in less time and with less frustration than manual methods.

Quality Assurance

Review/approve Issues and Content Blocks before including them in reports.

The goal here was to give you a way to differentiate between “I’ve reviewed this issue” and “I haven’t reviewed this issue yet”.

You can use the new QA view to look at your “Ready for review” Issues and Content Blocks and review them before including them in reports.

Then, on the Export page, the default is to export just the Published records. But, you can also export All if that makes more sense for your team’s workflow.

Tester Administration

We’ve also added better in-app tester administration. If a user gets locked out of their account with too many incorrect login attempts, Admin users will now be able to unlock their account with 1 click.

Release Notes

  • Quality Assurance: Review/approve Issues and Content Blocks before including them in reports
  • Tester Administration: Add unlock button to UI for locked Testers
  • Integration enhancements:
    • JIRA: Add support for Jira Data Center v8.4+
  • Upgraded gems:
    • rack, rails, time
  • Bug fixes:
    • Kits: Enable import of kit with no project template
  • Security Fixes:
    • Medium: Authenticated (author) persistent cross-site scripting

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