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New in Dradis Pro v2.3

Dradis Professional Edition is a collaboration and automated reporting tool for information security teams that will help you create the same reports, in a fraction of the time.

This month we’re pleased to bring you Dradis Pro v2.3 with some interesting additions.

The highlights of Dradis Pro v2.3

  • Smart issues table (see below):
    • Filter / search contents
    • Custom columns
    • Show / hide columns
  • Tabbed view for: Issues, Notes and Evidence (see below)
  • Admin > Templates > Reports improvements
  • Admin > Templates > Projects improvements
  • Redesign of empty views: project, issues, methodologies
  • Add-on enhancements
    • Acunetix: better code / syntax parsing
    • OpenVAS: bug fixing
    • – Project export: improve SQL efficiency
  • Methodologies module
    • Fix task status handler (tasks w/ special chars)
    • Progressive design enhancements
    • New coverage: Notes, Evidence
    • Track API actions in Activity Feed
  • Word reports
    • Image captions (see below)
    • Fix bug w/ special chars in Node labels
  • Security fixes
  • Bugs fixed: #324, #325

Smart issues table

Dradis is used by over 270 teams in 33 countries around the world. Each team has a very different way of structuring their findings. With the new smart issues table, each user can decide what information should be presented on the screen for each project:

UI improvements

A few screenshots of the recent redesigns:

A screenshot of an Issue showing tabs for Information, Evidence and Activity

A screenshot showing the All Issues table with the new controls for filtering and showing/hiding columns.

A screenshot showing the Web Application Hacker's Handbook methodology

Word image captions in action

You can now specify the caption associated with your screenshots so it appears in your reports:

A screenshot showing how to specify the caption for an image

Hover the image to show the associated caption:

A screenshot showing Dradis rendering an image with a caption.

And select a custom Caption style for your Word image captions:

A screenshot showing a Word document with an image and a caption

Still not using Dradis in your team?

These are some of the benefits you’re missing out:

Read more about Dradis Pro’s time-saving features, what our users are saying, or if you want to start from the beginning, read the the 1-page summary.