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New in Dradis Pro v2.9

Dradis Professional Edition is a collaboration and reporting tool for information security teams that will help you create the same reports, in a fraction of the time.

For this release, we’ve squashed some pesky bugs and updated the system and its add-ons with new features that will make your team’s life easier.

The highlights of Dradis Pro v2.9

  • Added bulk view (and multi delete) for a node’s notes and evidences.
  • Added the trash functionality to content blocks
  • Added the Methodology tasks and content blocks to the search
  • Added report content attachments
  • Added validation for block groups with empty names
  • Fixed nested lists in exported reports
  • Fixed the multi-deletion of issues
  • Fixed the ghost nodes issue
  • Fixed the project import and export with missing users
  • Add-on enhancements:
    • Added trend analysis for the Business Intelligence add-on
    • Added node properties to the Acunetix and Qualys plugin
    • Added metric-specific fields to the CVSS calculator
    • Fixed the encoding error for the Burp upload plugin
    • Fixed the export errors for the HTML export plugin
  • Bugs fixed: #173#349, #354

A quick video summary of what’s new in this release:

List View for Notes and Evidences

You can now view the evidences of a node as a list. This comes with the bonus of being able to delete them in bulk!

The same goes for the notes in a node!

Business Intelligence Trend Analysis

With the addition of trend analysis to the Business Intelligence add-on, you can now compare 2 or more projects so you can easily visualize the ongoing trends between them.

Report Content Attachments

Just like attachments for nodes, you can now add attachments for your content blocks!

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