Monthly Archives: February 2015

Giving back to the InfoSec community

Today is a good day, 3 years and 19 days after the last release of the Dradis Framework open-source project the team announced a new release: Dradis Framework 3.0: A New Hope.

For a very long time the Community Edition of the framework had been put on hold trying to get Security Roots off the ground. When starting a new venture you’ve got more questions than you’ve got answers and you never know who things are going to play out. In fact, the jury is still out.

A few years ago we had to make a hard decision: as a newborn organization we didn’t have the resources to maintain active development of two different editions of the framework and had to decide what to do: to try to keep both editions (semi) alive and running or to focus 100% in the recently created Dradis Professional edition with the premise that if we were successful a day would come in which we’d have the time and resources to really give the Community Edition the attention it deserved.

Today there are over 200 teams in 31 countries around the world using Dradis Pro. We’ve achieved what we set out to achieve back then, and it is time to give back to the same InfoSec community that made Dradis a successful project with over 25k+ downloads.

And when I say today I don’t mean literally today 20th of February. Today’s release of Dradis Community Edition 3.0 has been months in the making (check the hectic activity across the board in all the of Dradis’ repos on GitHub). But today we get a chance to tell you about it, to show the results of that work and to give back.

Dradis Framework started as an open source project and will die as an open source project. Whether we can make Security Roots as successful as the open source project has been, only time will tell, we most definitely hope so.

Please visit the redesigned project website, the new community forums and get involved in any way you see fit.