Upcoming in Dradis Pro v1.9: custom Word tables

Dradis Pro v1.9 is going to be packed with useful upgrades. One of the features we’ve been working on is the ability to generate easily generate custom Word tables.

Dradis itself has had table support for a very long time, however, the table formatting was lost in the report generation process. Not any more, starting in v1.9 all the tables in your Dradis project will be recreated in your final report.

Here are some examples of beautiful tables generated with Dradis, note that you can of course customize the look & feel of each table individually. The styles can go from the more simple ones adapted to the rest of your branding:

A simple 2x2 custom Word table showing a custom orange and grey style

Tables can also appear anywhere in the document, for instance, below we show how you can keep the scoping information into your Dradis project and then exported to Word using a slightly modified Word table design:

A screenshot of a Dradis note showing a table with scoping information. Columns: Application, URL, Account and Privileges

A screenshot of a custom Word table generated from the Dradis table shown in the previous screenshot. It is using one of Word's predefined styles.

Mixing tables with plugins

We’ve also updated some of our import plugins to generate information in tabular format. For instance, the Nmap plugin now produces a nice service summary table for each host. You can use this feature to produce a nice Hosts and Services Summary section in your report:

A screenshot of a Word document showing a summary of hosts, port numbers and services in a table format

This is just one of the many features we’re preparing for the next release. Watch this space for updates over the coming days!

More information

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When is v1.9 going to be out?

Soon! We’re just working on the finishing touches. Subscribe to the newsletter below to get updates in your inbox, and follow us on Twitter: @dradispro.

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