Upcoming in Dradis Pro v1.6: improved Word 2010 reporting

Reporting is always a pain point for most security specialists. That’s precisely why we are always improving Dradis Pro reporting capabilities.

In Dradis Pro v1.5 we brought you screenshot support and the ability to use custom Word properties to define elements that have to appear multiple times in the report (like client name, project name, etc.).

We are preparing some amazing improvements for Dradis Pro v1.6. For instance, the style you apply to your Dradis Pro notes gets translated into Word. That’s right, from your browser:

To Word:

In a single click.

Ever wanted to have a section that lists just the High-impact findings? Or to split the findings in groups like infrastructure layer and application layer so they can be added to different sections in the report?

Note filtering

This one is easy enough, you just need to add some filters to your template (note the Impact|High and Impact|Low filters) and presto!

One click and:

You just need to define the Impact field (or any other field you want to filter by) in your Dradis note:

Note grouping

The magic is done via the Node| filter. Lets define two sections one for Node|Infrastructure and one for Node|Application:

So you just need create the right project structure and add your notes to the node they belong:

Click export and bang!

Now start thinking about what you’re going to do with all the reporting time this is going to save you!

Still not a Dradis Pro user?

No problem! You can join dozens of organizations already benefiting from a more consistent approach to security testing.

These are some of the benefits you are missing out:

  • Less time writing reports
  • Provide a consistent experience to your customers
  • Pro is reliable, up-to-date and with comes with quality support

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